Practice Yoga designed for Riders  – and take your Horsemanship to the Next Level

Feel well, ride well, connect deeply – with yoga tailored to support horse people like you in their flexibility, body awareness and softness and that easily fits into busy horsey schedules.

The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club is here to support you in finally finding time for self-care in your busy horsey life and to become the calm, confident and balanced rider you always wanted to be. 

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The Space to Connect to Yourself & to your Horse 

The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club is like an on-demand online yoga studio for riders. It's your space to pause your busy horsey life to practice yoga, self-care and awareness and deepen your horsemanship whenever or wherever you wish.

With what is possibly the largest selection of on-demand equestrian yoga classes on the internet available at your fingertips all the time, you have the opportunity to finally make it all work.

Each of the yoga, meditation and breath work classes is designed to improve not only the connection to yourself but also to your horse.

There are currently about 45 classes in English and 40 in German language. There are audio and video classes to be done at home, at the stable or even on the horse. – You get to do it your way.

Imagine being able to improve your posture in the saddle, the feel for your horse and your well-being within minutes of each practice.

Imagine being able to integrate those practices without stress: With classes that align with the abundant schedules, full lives and various responsibilities horse people have.  

Effective support for your best horsey life. This is the BMH Yoga Club for you.  

Was ist ein "Connection Reading"?

Ein "Connection Reading" für dich und dein Pferd ist eine energetische Auswertung eurer Pferd-Mensch-Verbindung. Sie findet auf Bewusstseins- bzw. Energie-Ebene statt und somit auf derselben, wie bspw. die Tierkommunikation. Auf dieser Ebene kommen wir oft an Informationen heran, die wir vielfach vage fühlen, aber oft von uns aus nicht wirklich benennen geschweige denn messen können. 

Daher ist so ein Reading super, um dir dein eigenes Gefühl einschätzen und bestätigen zu lassen und eine unabhängige Perspektive von außen zu bekommen. Es kann dir aber auch helfen, etwas zu sehen, was du selber nicht erkennen kannst, weil du zu nah dran bist. 

Ein Connection Reading kann  wichtige und bereichernde Erkenntnisse bringen und Mensch und Pferd noch enger zusammenschweißen.

Wenn du jetzt spürst, dass es dich in den Fingern juckt, lass uns einfach loslegen!

Yoga for Riders

Alignment-focused yoga sequences designed specifically for horse people. They range from 5-90 minutes and include asanas, principles and class themes that support riders physically, mentally, and spiritually – tried and loved by hundreds of riders.

Meditation & Breath Work

Practice your focus, presence and awareness through meditation and learn to work with your breath to manage your energy – in life and around your horse.

Restoration & Self Care

Give yourself and your horse the gift of calm and ease through restorative as well as nervous system balancing practices.

Take it to your Horse

A wealth of tips, ideas, and inspiration for applying and deepening your practice in the saddle and around your horse.

"Yoga is always an invitation to connect. When we use it to specifically connect our mind, body, and heart more deeply to our horses, magic happens."


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Benefit from the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club and Live your Best Horsey Life

Practicing yoga for riders on a regular basis has countless benefits on so many levels – for you and your horse. Here are a few...

Benefits for your own Body & Mind:

  • Feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed

  • Develop more presence and awareness of your own body and mind

  • Integrate your self-care into your busy schedule

  • Discover new confidence, ease and the support of like-minded horse people from around the world

Benefits for your Horse:

  • Communicate more clearly and empathetically – through refined aids and body language

  • Ride more sensibly, softer and as an easier weight to carry

  • Attune to your horse's body language and energy and truly be present for your horse

  • Feel the magic of a deep horse-human-relationship

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  • More than 80 Classes in English and German language

  • Audio & Video content so you can comfortably take classes wherever you go

  • Mobile Access through an easy-to-use app

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Meet Daniela

The Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club was founded by Daniela Kämmerer, a yoga teacher and holistic coach based in Hamburg, Germany. She specializes in the connection between horses and humans and assists riders in improving their riding skills, communication with their horses, and personal growth.

Daniela's yoga classes have been praised by hundreds of riders for her empathetic teaching style and tailored exercises. She enjoys finding new connections between horsemanship and yoga, and shares these insights during her classes.

Are you Ready to take your Horsemanship to the Next Level?

Start your journey in horsemanship and yoga today. Your horse will thank you for it.

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